Dexter Challenge Gets Perfect Weather

Runners and bikers lined up pointed in opposite directions on Bering Street Saturday morning for the Wyatt Earp Dexter Challenge, a run walk and bike event sponsored by Norton Sound Health Corporation’s CAMP department.

Mild temperatures and lack or rain, for at least most of the race, made for perfect conditions for getting some exercise. The bikers faced toward the Bering Sea because they rode out along Front St. to the Beam Road. The runners headed north on Bering Street and ran along the Nome-Teller Highway to the Dexter Bypass and on to Dexter.

“It was a very good run,” said Tobin Hobbs, who was the fastest runner of the day. “There’s no wind, no bugs, and it’s the prefect temperature to run super hard.” Hobbs said he ran hard up the hill on the bypass, trying to stay focused. “I didn’t look at my watch because I knew I wouldn’t stay super focused. I kept my head up and pushed my whole way up the hill.” He liked the eight-mile distance. Next up for Tobin is high school cross country, with the first day of practice on Wednesday, July 31.

The bikers rode 12 miles to the finish in Dexter. First to arrive were Mary O’Neil and Valerie Fuller, who ride a couple of mornings a week before work together. “It was a lovely Saturday ride,” said O’Neil. “Val and I like to go on bike rides in the morning and today there was no wind and a great temperature.”

The walkers started at the intersection of the Nome-Teller Road and the Dexter Bypass and walked five miles. They were treated to a light but pleasant rain as they neared the finish.

Second place runner was Luke Bartol of Augusta, Maine. He and his parents were in Nome for just 24 hours and he saw the run as an opportunity to get out in the country. “It was awesome, really fun,” he said. He lived in Nome briefly 20 years ago. His parents met in Nome and the family was on, what he termed, a reunion tour. They spent five days in Kotzebue and a day in Nome. “I didn’t see that coming but it was fun, a good challenge,” he said of the Dexter climb.


Runners: 1. Tobin Hobbs, 50:30; 2. Luke Bartol, 52:02; 3. Aaron Rose, 53:02; 4. Keane Richards, 59:47; 5. Nils Hahn, 1:02:08; 6. Will Sarver, 1:04:20; 7. Rachel Quick, 1:07:28; 8. Megan Hahn, 1:11:26; 9. Alex Whitworth, 1:14:10; 10. Ezekiel Tenhoff, 1:18:35; 11. Royleen J. Ross, 1:19:50; 12. Travis McQueen, 1:22:16; 13. Alicyn Bahnke, 1:28:50; 14. Brodie Kimmel, 1:32:01.


Bikers: 1. (tie) Marcy O’Neil, 58:33 and Valerie Fuller, 58:33; 2. Deb Trowbridge, 1:03:27; 3. Honie Culley, 1:12:37; 4. Linda Steiger, 1:13:31.


Walkers: 1. Kylea Goff (Running) 1:08:51; 2. Carol Gales, 1:20:52 (1st place walking); 3. Emelyn Hobbs, 1:22:13; 4. Carol Hobbs, 1:22:13; 5. Katie Smith, 1:31:04; 6. Guadalupe Callahan, 1:31:04.

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