Martina "Maasuk" Atanan Aparezuk

Martina “Maasuk” Atanan Aparezuk

April 19, 1932 – Dec. 20, 2015

Martina was gifted to us by her parents Paul and Tatianna Hunt. She was born near Kotlik on April 19, 1932. Martina gave birth to her children Benedict, Celestine, Christine, Rachel, Hilda, Hermus, Francine and Taziana. Her devotion to motherhood encouraged her to raise many of her grandchildren: Mary Aparezuk, Seth Aparezuk, Paul Andrews, Palsson Fitka, Francis Aparezuk, Calson Aparezuk and Winton Komonaseak.

Other grandchildren are Felicia Nicholi, Louise and Letia Martin, Richard Martin, Vincent Martin, Philomena Martin, Martina Stern, Kayla Duny, Francine Aparezuk, Marian Aparezuk, Floyd Aparezuk, Hermus and Winifred Jr. Aparezuk,  Louise Yunak, Sharon Andrews, James Unruh, Isaiah, Aparezuk and many great-grandchildren.

Martina “Maasuk”  was well known for her artistic handcraft, sewing many parkas, boots, hats, mittens for all her children and grandchildren who she loved so very dearly until she could no longer use her eyes and hands.

She loved to teach children of all ages the art of Eskimo dancing. She freely taught out of the love of her culture and people. All of her students and children will remember her teaching and cherish her memory for many years to come. Her songs will live forever in the dances. She will be missed by many close and afar. She was a pillar of the community and the Yupik culture.

She is preceded in death by her mother and father, Tatianna and Paul Hunt; brothers Andrew Sr. and Alec Hunt, sister Suzanna Chiklak; and grandchildren Larry Martin, Hermus and Winifred Jr. Aparezuk.

She is survived by her brothers Isadore and Michael Hunt Sr.; sister Monica MacMackin; inlaws Winifred S. and Angela Hunt; and husband of 62 years, Joseph Aparezuk.

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