Harold Englook Ahmasuk, Jr.

Harold Englook Ahmasuk, Jr.

April 12, 1932 - August 25, 2023

Harold E. Ahmasuk, Jr., a remarkable man, a guiding force, and a cherished father, son, uncle, brother, grandpa, and great-grandpa, left us on a day that will forever remain in our hearts.

Harold was born on a beautiful spring day, April 12, 1932 in Wales, AK, and since then he has been shaping the world around him with his strong will and authoritative presence. He can never be replaced and the mold was definitely broke that cannot be duplicated.

A renowned and avid hunter, skilled boater, and great fisherman, Harold held an unwavering passion for Sinuk, Sledge Island, the Bering Sea and the subsistence lifestyle. His love for hunting and fishing was planted in the early days of his youth when he received the many teachings of indigenous knowledge. He boated the unpredictable waters with elders long since passed and the next generation with unmatched skill. His innate indigenous knowledge understandings of the land, fishing, and hunting led him to bountiful catches, a testament to the countless hours he spent in communion with nature.

Harold loved the subsistence lifestyle, after his retirement he would spend most of the summer at camp and talk about how he loved to eat salmon and seals. Harold was also very handy with a rifle, a phenomenal shot unaided by a scope and with many harvests of moose or caribou with a single shot and at times at great distance.

Two significant years in Harold’s life were 1980 and 1981, when he participated in the legendary Iditarod race. His participation was a testament to his indomitable spirit, displaying a resolve that cannot be put into words. In Harold’s first Iditarod he earned a very respectable 19th place. In his early years, Harold also raced the competitive Nome-Golovin and Nome-Teller snogo races and would frequently reminisce those experiences to whomever wanted to listen.

Harold worked for the territorial road commission, and later for the State of Alaska; Department of Transportation, contributing to the construction of the roads that meander the land outside of Nome as well as elsewhere. Harold was highly regarded by his peers while working for the State of Alaska, DOT for his hard work ethic and knowledge of the land. While working for DOT Harold also received Highway Man of the Year.

His life was a symphony of love, strength, and authority that continues to resonate within all of his family. As his immediate family remembers Harold, we honor his legacy by embodying the values he cherished and by passing on the stories of his remarkable life to the next generation.

Harold is preceded in death by his wife Janet Ahmasuk, his mother and father Anna and Harold Ahmasuk Sr., brothers Walter “Harrison”, David, Daniel, and Wesley; sisters: 1st Edna, Emma, 1st Matilda, 2nd Matilda, Hannah, Elva, and Sarah; his sons John and David.

He is survived by his sisters Ellen and Edna, his children Mike, Carol, Austin, Brandon and Meredith and numerous grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. 

Harold E. Ahmasuk, Jr., left an indelible mark on our hearts, and his memory will serve as a testament to a life lived to the fullest.



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