UNUSUAL FIND— Unalakleet residents found two moose bulls with locked antlers frozen in the ice, five miles east of Unalakleet.

Two bull moose locked into deadly battle

An opportunity to experience something new led to a discovery unlike anything anyone had ever seen in Unalakleet last week.
Brad Webster, Unalakleet junior high teacher and Covenant Bible Camp Facilities Director, was up checking on the camp buildings before snow arrived with a friend, Chris Brothers.
They were out at the slough where the kayaks and canoes dock and saw that the water had frozen to a smooth, clear surface. Chris, new to cold weather experiences like this wanted to “walk on water” so the two decided to walk down the stream a bit.
A couple of hundred yards into their trek, Brad noticed what appeared to be a set of moose antlers on the ice and immediately thought that someone must’ve harvested a moose out of season on Bible Camp property. Disappointed, they walked closer and realized that it wasn’t one, but TWO, moose…and they were intact, partially frozen into the ice.
 The clear ice revealed that the two bulls had locked horns and perished for unclear reasons. After some pictures the friends returned to Unalakleet to share their unique find.
Pictures posted in social media went viral, spreading across the globe, estimates of more than one million shares on Facebook and Twitter gave evidence of the incredible interest in the moose’s demise. Purchase offers, news reports and general commentary came flooding in from every continent to the surprise of all.
A group returned later in the week prepared to recover the frozen-in-time beasts.
 Due to the unseasonably warm weather this fall the ice was not thick and removal of the two heads was successful. The meat, that many had speculated might still be edible, was spoiled and only useable for non-human consumption.
Webster’s immediate plan is to get the skulls clean and get them set in a “European” style mount with the horns still interlocked.
They’ll be put up on the wall of the meeting hall, The Ark, at camp for all to enjoy.

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