STOLEN AND CRASHED— The black city owned truck was stolen and crashed on mile 7 of the Beam Road.

City truck stolen, rolled at Beam Road

City of Nome Police and the State Troopers are looking for a car thief or thieves who stole a City of Nome truck from City Manager Tom Moran’s driveway in the night between Monday night around 10 p.m. and Tuesday morning around 7 a.m.
The black Ford truck, valued at $11,000, was found totaled and rolled near mile 7 of the Beam Road, outside city limits.
According to City Manager Moran, gravel trucker Keith Fimon notified 911 around 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning when he came upon the rolled truck with the engine still warm, but nobody near the wreck or walking on the road.
Moran said Fimon drove by the same area at 6:30 a.m. before the crash happened and did not see a car wreck.
Since the truck theft occurred within city limits, but the roll-over happened outside of city limits, Nome police and the Alaska State Troopers collaborate in the investigation, NPD Chief John Papasodora said. In addition, the Nome Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Departments responded. Fire Chief Jim West Jr. said it is standard procedure for NVFD and NVAD to respond to roll overs to make sure that injuries are attended to immediately. However, they did not find a person of interest in the vacinity of the crash.
Moran was notified after Fimon contacted police dispatch. Moran was asked to look outside his residence to see if his black City truck was still in the driveway, near city hall.
It was not.
Moran said that he regrets leaving the key in the middle console.
The rollover occurred sometime between 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning and came to an abrupt halt when the unauthorized driver crashed and rolled the truck on the Beam Road, driving westward.
Chief Papasodora said that the preliminary investigation revealed that the truck vaulted and rolled twice before it came to rest on its roof and that there was no obvious signs of blood or traces left of injuries sustained by the thief.
“This was a violent collision or crash,” described Papasodora.
“Whoever was in the vehicle may have sustained unknown injuries.”
Papasodora stressed that the crash involved twisting and rolling, which can result in severe spinal injuries to the driver or passengers.
“Our first priority is to urge the person who drove the truck to get checked out by medical personnel to assure that injuries are treated, if they occurred,” he said.
Papasodora asks the public to come forward if anyone knows of anybody having unexplained injuries consistent with a car crash.  
Papasodora also reminds Nomeites to lock their cars and homes. He said it is this time of the year when darkness sets in again, which makes it easier for thieves to break into cars or homes under the cover of dark.


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