CHAMPIONS—The Nanook girl wrestlers took first place as a team. They are Kellie Miller, Della Medlin, Katie Smith, Georgia Ustaszewski,, Ava Earthman and Karis Evans.

Nome Elementary, HS girls wrestlers dominate Bush Brawl

Nome’s elementary school wrestlers traveled to Kotzebue for the annual Bush Brawl wrestling tournament and returned basking in glory.
Last year they took top honors in the meet with 30 wrestlers, this year they did it with only 18.  While host Kotzebue was able to field a wrestler in every single weight category, Nome, with fewer wrestlers, was able to fill eight of eleven classes. Yet, they won the team title. Nome was able to put a wrestler in the final match in every category they competed in. Kotzebue was second in team points followed by a very strong Shaktoolik.
In the high school tournament visiting Nikiski triumphed with the Kotzebue Huskies in second place. Nome was third followed by Shaktoolik, Savoonga, Gambell and Shishmaref. Nome wrestlers winning their categories include JJ Marble at 135, Eldon Cross at 152, Stephan Anderson at 160, Della Medlin at girls 125, and Karis Evans at 135. “Nome’s girl wrestlers surprised everyone as they took first place as a team and were led by champions Karis Evans and Della Medlin,” wrote Assistant Coach Corey Erikson in an email.
Son Erikson won the middle school championship at 105 lbs.
“Wrestling looks more like an individual sport rather than a team sport, but it is still a team sport,” said Nome Elementary Wrestling Coach Lahka Peacock. “We all see the kids in the finals winning their medals but you can’t win the overall team title without everyone winning matches outside of the finals.” He cited Cole Gray and Paige Peacock for their performances in non-final matches. As Nome and Kotzebue were neck and neck in the team competition, Gray was able to battle to third place by pinning both his opponents. A pin wins more points. “Without those pins, I am not sure we would have taken the team title,” said Peacock.
Paige Schuerch won an overtime match with intense support from the crowd and her teammates. “That is how you win a team title in wrestling,” said Peacock.

(Includes only wrestlers
 from Nome and BSSD)

High School Boys
103 lbs: 1.  Kaden Jackson, Shaktoolik
112 lbs: 1.  Correy Campbell, Gambell, 3. Dean Paniptcuk, Shaktoolik, 4. Thomas Horton, Nome, 5. Thomas Hannon, Nome, 6. Bon Akeya, Savoonga
119 lbs: 1.Taylor Kulukhon, Shaktoolik, 2. Paris Hebel, Nome, 3. Karlin Ahwinona-Smith, Nome, 5. Joel Heath, St. Michael, 6. John Oscar, Unalakleet, 7. Shannon Gologergen, Savoonga
125 lbs: 1. Gavin Douglas, Koyuk, 2. Carter Kokeok, Shishmaref, 6. Eric Apatiki, St. Michael
130 lbs: 3. Andy Peterson, Nome, 4. Desmond Thomas, Teller
135 lbs: 1. JJ Marble, Nome, 2. Chase Noongwook, Savoonga, 4. Jeremy Koozata, Gambell, 5. Moses Teeluk, Stebbins, 7. Caelin Kingeekuk, Savoonga
140 lbs: 5. Kayle Kavairlook, Koyuk, 6. Brian Taft, Shishmaref
145 lbs:  2. Nikolai Avalnun, Gambell, 4. Tyrone Cheemuk-Fitka, St. Michael, 5. Raymond Ningeulook, Shishmaref
152 lbs: 1. Eldon Cross, Nome, 3. Lucas Marvin, Nome, 4. Timothy Stenek, Shishmaref, 5. Harley Pete, St. Michael, 6.  Frank Ningeulook, Shishmaref, 7. Kirk Apassingok, Gambell
160 lbs: 1. Stephan Anderson, Nome
171 lbs: 1. Henry Katchatag, Shaktoolik, 7. Arin Ablowaluk, Teller
189 lbs:  2. Garrison Koutchak, Stebbins
215 lbs: 1. Derek Seppilu, Savoonga, 5. Travis Takak, Shaktoolik, 6. Logan Nayokpuk, Shishmaref
285 lbs: 2. Tristen Hobbs, Nome

High School Girls
103 lbs: 3. Kiana Washington, Stebbins
112 lbs:  1. Celeste Katcheak, Stebbins, 3. Elsie Iyatunguk, Shishmaref
119 lbs: 2. Katie Smith, Nome
125 lbs: 1. Della Medlin, Nome, 2. Ava Earthman, Nome
135 lbs: 1. Karis Evans, Nome, 4. Autumn Barr, Shishmaref
145 lbs: 2. Georgia Ustaszewski, Nome, 3.  Kia Wright, Savoonga, 5. Kellie Miller, Nome, 6. Emily Adams, Koyuk, 7.  Meryl Otton, Koyuk, 8. Faye Noongwook, Savoonga
160 lbs: 1. Annie Hoogendorn, Koyuk, 3. Brittney Adams, Koyuk, 4. Brandi Apassingok, Gambell
235 lbs: 1. Alaina Pete, Brevig Mission

Middle School
lbs: 1. Damien Campbell-Newhall, Gambell, 2. Alex Akeya,  Savoonga
84 lbs: 1. Cody Aningayou, Gambell, 4. Dorothea Okitkun, St. Michael
91 lbs: 1. Ricky Paniptchuk, Shaktoolik, 3. Jase Southall, St. Michael, 4. Adam Prentice, Koyuk
98 lbs: 1.  Marcus Evans, Shaktoolik, 3. Nathaniel McDonald, Koyuk
105 lbs: 1. Son Erikson, Nome, 3. Keane Wilson, Unalakleet
114 lbs: 1. Dawson O’Conner, Shaktoolik, 3. Bryson Homekingkeo, Koyuk
122 lbs: 1.  Averon Katcheak, Stebbins, 2. Ryan Jr. Nashaonak, Stebbins, 4. John Soderstrom, Unalakleet
132 lbs: 2. Caden Atchak, Stebbins, 3rd Zachary Goodhope, Brevig Mission, 4th Desmond Snowball, Stebbins
148 lbs: 1. Earl Ivanoff, Unalakleet, 2. MariRose Thomas, Teller

Elementary School
60 lbs: 1. Granite Peacock, Nome, 3. Loleta Hannon, Koyuk
65 lbs: 1. Jayden Jones, Brevig Mission, 2. Rohn Peacock, Nome, 4. Carson Thomas, Nome
75 lbs: 1. Lane Schuerch, Nome
80 lbs: 2.  Brandon Ford, Nome
85 lbs: 1. Morgan Dewey, Koyuk, 4. Isadore McDonald, Koyuk
90 lbs: 1. Melvin Hoogendorn, Koyuk, 2. Karver Otton, Nome, 3. Maddy Culley Nome, 4. Riley Farrell, Nome
110 lbs: 1. Levi Pederson, Nome, 2. Rayden Cross, Nome

HWT: 1. Treydon Thomas, Nome, 2. Kevin Ongtowasruk, Nome, 3. Cole Gray, Nome

Team Scores Elementary
(top ten)
Nome 234.0, JNES 199.0, Kotzebue MS 104.5, Shaktoolik 72, Koyuk 67.0, Stebbins 64.0, Unalakleet 55.0, Noatak 51.0, Shungnak 39.0, Koyuk 37.0.

Team Scores High School
 (top ten)
Nikiski 270.5, Kotzebue 192, Nome High School, 180.5, Shaktoolik 97.5, Savoonga 72, Gambell 67.0, Shismaref 62.0, Noatak 57.0, Kivalina 45.0, St Michael 39.0


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