NANOOKS – The Nanook varsity volleyball squad squared off against a talented group of alumnae Thursday and Friday to launch the Nanook 2019 season. After the games they paused for a photo.

Nanook Volleyball season opens

Two days of hot volleyball action in the Nanook gym launched the 2019 season with the Varsity and the JV squads facing off against a group of wily veteran players. The alumnae team showed flashes of brilliance while mostly losing to the younger and quicker Nanooks.
“I’m excited,” said new Varsity Coach Veronica Alviso. “I think the girls are really strong together. They’re really encouraging to each other. I’m excited that they’re learning together and that they’re willing to be a team together. They’re supportive of each other. So I’m excited for the season.”
Alviso is a community member with a 10-year background in volleyball. The assistant coach this year is Angela Hansen.
The Nanooks will see more action beginning Thursday, Sept. 5 as they travel to Seward for the North/South Tournament. On Thursday evening they will face Seward. The tournament is the following two days.
“We’ve got two returning varsity players, I believe,” said coach Alviso. “Everyone else is new to the varsity team.” JV players McKenzie Goodwin and Sarah Wade will jump up to round out the varsity squad for the trip to Seward.
Assistant coach Angela Hansen was enthusiastic about the two days of volleyball against the alumnae. “We’re learning our rotation,” she said. “This was a good learning game to get started for the season. I guess we’re off to a good start.” Hansen also praised the alumnae. “They did great. And they have super stamina for playing two games back to back. So we were impressed with their endurance. They won two JV games and one varsity game.”
Christine Piscoya was one of the veterans who faced off against the Nanooks. “It comes back like riding a bike,” she said about playing. “I love playing against the high school just to give them more experience. And I also enjoyed it because my niece is on varsity.” Victoria Gray is her niece.
The games attracted a good crowd and the concession stand was open for hot dogs, nachos and popcorn.
The next home game is Sept. 20-21 against the Kotzebue Lady Huskies.

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