Imagine the scene if our founding fathers and past presidents were sitting in front of a TV watching the Republican Presidential debates. They would not recognize a sound bite if it bit them in the butt, yet they would be astounded at the outlandish antics. Would Donald Trump really murder a woman and children? Would they believe his backers’ statements against a black protester while they yelled, “Shoot him. Kick his ass. Light the #@!on fire! Sieg heil!” and other ignorant, prejudicial, racist and disrespectful comments by Trump. It seems like the Republican Party is no longer able to control its nominating process. Trump primary victories would look like a hostile take over of the Party.

Trump seems to be despised by the Party, but is forcing himself upon them and Ted Cruz says he would rip up Obama care, drop the Iranian Nuclear deal, prosecute Planned Parenthood, and move the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump supporters tend to be less well educated, and less well off. His opponents are Republicans with advanced degrees and high income. It is a class war and not an ideological fight. By picking the class fight over the ideological fight Trump doesn’t have to be fettered by truth. Truth is so limiting. Where Trump is ignorant of basic foreign policy facts he seems to love Vladimir Putin and hates Angela Merkle.

Of course Trump really hates the Media because they criticize him. We are all sleaze bags and scum. A fact-checking web says 17 percent of Trump’s statements have been “mostly false”, 40 percent false, and 20 percent “pants on fire.”  A Trump Republican Party would be an assault on the Party’s best traditions, says Peter Wehna, a Bush senior aide. Of course if we think our founding fathers are perplexed, our new founding Supremes are wondering why the Republican extremes can’t wait for the body of Justice Scalia to cool in his coffin before fighting over the President to exercise his Presidential responsibility to replace the justice with of all atrocities, a liberal! —N.L.M.—


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