Rude Beggaring

Who wants a rutabaga? Who even knows what one looks like? Well, they look something like a turnip and they are good with moose stew. We should not have to go begging for rutabagas because they are not very expensive… unless we are in Nome. In one of our grocery stores they are $2.99 and in the other $ 4.99.

Rutabaga retail is hard to understand unless we factor in gouging the customer. We were fortunate recently to get a fuel rebate for our electricity from NSEDC. That will help us get through the dark cold wintry weather. However, we still have to cope with gasoline at $5.04 / gal. and $4.99/gal at the other. They both sell Tesoro. Our choice is Tesoro or Tesoro. Take note of the cost. Write it down on a $17.99 plain lined, three-ringed notebook we can buy at one store or get the same notebook for $2.99 at the other. What is the economic principle that causes such outrageous and ridiculously high prices? If we want to have economic development in our town we should start by providing relief in the cost of goods. We have two grocery stores that are moneymakers for their system. Let’s have some savings reflected to the customers. We could use some savings on rent. We need affordable housing and an incentive to build new homes. We can have all the port development we can scare up, but we won’t have an improved economy until costs are in a range we can afford.

We, as customers, want to support our local businesses, yet we are not blind to the economics of the Internet. However, prompt postal service would help to encourage economic development. So, let’s apply the principles of rutabaga economics and encourage our big vender merchants to do everything possible to keep the cost of goods and services within our affordability. —N.L.M.—

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