It's been a year

The one-year anniversary of the Trump administration has been reached last Saturday and around the globe and the nation Women Marches were held in protest of many things that have manifested in these past twelve months.
Foreign affairs are suffering:
The America First doctrine of making it blatantly known to the world that America is the most important country and that it will force its will on every other nation or exploit others to elevate itself, is not going over well. Trump, with no clear foreign policy agenda other than pleasing Russia, Israel and the Saudis, has alienated allies in Europe and Asia to the point that a new world order is being devised and the USA will emerge as a sideshow because China, France and Germany take on leadership roles in foreign affairs and economics.
Americans are not put first: Make America great again apparently is a “nostalgic” and ill-guided vision of the past when white Anglo-saxon Christian men ruled this country and women, first Nations, non-white immigrants and blacks were basically there to serve the ruling class. A president who boasts of bending women to their will, who flip-flops on his stance regarding DACA and the Dreamers who were brought to the USA as children and has a staff that would like to shut down all immigration, who promises and delivers a massive tax cut to the ultra-rich and who constantly lies about basically everything cannot be capable of having the best interest of all Americans at heart.
That is what this president doesn’t get: The campaign is over, its not about him, governing is about achieving common good for all.
And then there is the Russian investigation: Just imagine the roles were reversed. Imagine a Democratic campaign being under investigation for possible collusion with the Russians and election meddling. Special counsel Robert Mueller has already charged senior Trump campaign managers and their aides, the National Security Adviser Mike Flynn was fired, charged with lying to the FBI and is now cooperating with Mueller. Flynn, that’s the guy who was responsible for your and my safety in this country. Charged with making materially false statements to the FBI. The FBI, those are the good guys, remember? So if all this would have happened during a Democratic regime, you bet the Republicans would be screaming bloody murder. But do you hear any screaming from the Democrats or other parties? Do you hear any demands to “Lock him up”?
No, you don’t.
I assume that the more moderate forces in this country, the educated, patient and well-mannered people let the process play out and believe in the sanctity of the institutions that were put in place to create checks and balances. Sure, these checks and balances are probably being tested like never before, but we have to believe that the system works, that the noble American experiment cannot be brought to its knees by an amateur wanna-be president and his posse. -D.H.-

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