Vince Pikonganna

Vincent John “ANmaluq” Pikonganna

July 5, 1948 – December 18, 2016

Vincent John Pikonganna was born in Nome, Alaska on July 5, 1948 to the late Mary Athluk and Thomas Pushruk of King Island, but was adopted to the late Clara and Aloysius Pikonganna.

Vincent, known as ANmauluk, lived a traditional lifestyle by hunting, fishing and providing for his family. On March 13, 1993 Vincent married the love of his life Betsy Seetook Kakaruk from Wales, Alaska. They met in Nome, Alaska. Vince and Betsy had no children together but Vince always accepted Betsy’s family as his own.

Vince attended Nome-Beltz high school up until 10th grade. He was also employed at the Nome-Beltz High School for a great number of years, teaching art and his culture. His compassion was always to volunteer his time to help the youth. Vince always enjoyed drumming and teaching his Inupiaq culture. He also traveled around the world with the King Island dance group. Vince was involved with the wellness program, the Elders Committee, Behavioral Health, NACTEC program and helping with the Katirvik Cultural Center. Vince loved telling stories about King Island and sharing every ounce of his humor with everyone.

In 1990 Vince was chosen to be one of the actors for the movie On Deadly Grown with Stephen Seagal.

Vincent is survived by his wife Betsy, daughter Cecila Milton, step-daughter Irene Kakaruk and step-son Edward Kakaruk; his sisters Agatha Ford and Ann Wilson. Also by his many nieces and nephews, grand children Helen Pikonganna, Rebecca Pikonganna, step-grandchildren Valerie Kakaruk and Mandy Kakaruk.

Vincent is preceded in death by his late parents Mary Athluk and Thomas Pushruk, his adoptive parents Clara and Aloysius Pikonganna, his brother Francis Sr., nephew Francis Jr., and Frankie Pikonganna, nephew Joseph Conway and Tom (Tommy) Annoyac.

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