Peter Roger Nanouk Jr.

Peter Roger Nanouk Jr.

October 6, 1961 ~ June 13, 2017

Peter Roger Nanouk Jr. was born on October 6, 1961 to Roger and Theresa Nanouk in Unalakleet, Alaska. He passed away on June 13, 2017 alongside his nephew, Justin Nanouk, in Golsovia. He was 55-years-old.

He worked as a Fisheries Technician with the Alaska Fish and Game from 2002-2017. His job brought him all across the Norton Sound so he had friends everywhere he went. Peter began commercial fishing in 1981 when he was gifted his mom’s salmon permit. His last year of commercial fishing was 2001. He excelled in mathematics and prepared many friends and family member’s taxes each year. He received plaques for the National Dean’s List while studying Accounting at Seattle Pacific University.

Peter had a unique sense of humor. He had humorous nicknames for everyone (i.e. Duma, Boo, Jigaboo). His favorite things to do were boating, bird hunting, trapping, hanging nets and setting subsistence nets for trout, salmon, and beluga. Everything he caught, he shared with others, even travelling to other villages to share his catches. Peter loved bringing his daughters, Rachel and Tami on bird hunting trips. He also enjoyed attending local basketball games, often one of the first to arrive so he could get a good seat at the top of the bleachers.

Every Sunday, he made pancakes, bacon and fried eggs for the whole family. He loved his mother’s traditional foods so much that he shared pictures of them daily on social media. When playing bingo, he would yell “Bingo!” so loud that he would make fellow bingo players jump. People laughed because it was a “Peter” thing to do.

Peter is survived by his mother Theresa Nanouk, brothers Arley and Henry Nanouk, sisters Karen Nanouk, Jolene Nanouk (Wesley Jones) and Carol Wilson, daughters Rachel Frankson and Tami Blankenship, and son Seth Albert Frankson, his many nieces and nephews, and great nieces and nephews.

Peter was preceded in death by his father, Peter Nanouk Sr., his paternal grandparents Peter and Martha Nanouk, his maternal grandparents Joseph and Anna Etageak, his sister Rebecca Nanouk and his son Seth Zachary Frankson.

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