Margaret “Paka” Olanna

May 29, 1923 – September 27, 2016

Margaret “Weoholu” Paka Olanna was born on May 29, 1923 to Phillip Nunooruk and Mary Nunooruk (Sahanah) in Wales, Alaska. She spent her childhood in Wales, Little Diomede, Teller (while in Teller her dad and older brother acted in the movie “the Eskimo”) and Sandspit.

As a teenager she helped her dad raise her siblings after her mom passed. In Februrary 1953, she married Ralph (Tulluk) Olanna Sr. in Nome. Together they had four children: Madeline, Ralph Jr., Pauline and Jeannie Rose.

Paka enjoyed skin sewing, knitting, crossword puzzles and making seal skin boots. She enjoyed going to the XYZ Center to be with her friends and her cousins, Polly, Esther, and Uncle James.

Later on in life she started working at the Bering Sea Women’s Shelter as a family advocate.

Paka loved her children and grandchildren; Craig, Phillip, Stacy Ann, Christopher , William, Alex, Amber, Kevin, Tina, Ryan, Vanessa, David, Janelle and Peter.

Her great grandchildren: Jordan, Jake, Jasmine, Savannah, Jimmie, Kenneth, Andrew, Michael, Caelin, Everly, Kale, Joshua, Margaret, Gwendolyn, Tyler, Travis, Brandon and Layla.

Paka is preceded in death by her parents Phillip and Mary, her husband Tulluk and daughter Jeannie; her sisters Lillian, Lizabeth and Ella; her brothers Romeo, Jimmie and Frank.

Paka is survived by her only son Ralph and daughters Madeline and Pauline; her sisters Cecelia, Ann and brother Howard.

Paka lived her life taking care of her family. She raised her brothers and sisters. Her baby brother Howard said “She raise me- she’s my mom”. She took care of her husband for twenty years after he suffered a stroke. Having dedicated all her time nurturing him, she too fell sick once during that long span of care taking.

Paka believed in the all mighty Father and his son Jesus. She was often the first person to arrive at church. She was very faithful every Sunday at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. If the church ride did not arrive on time, she insisted to walk there early.


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