Joseph Patrick ‘Qachaq’ Anowlic

Joseph Patrick ‘Qachaq’ Anowlic

March 1, 1949 ~ March 20, 2020

Joseph Patrick ‘Qachaq’ Anowlic was born March 1, 1949 on King Island as the second child of Margaret and Paul ‘Anowlic’ Imana.  Joe loved his youth on Ugiuvak; it was paradise for a young boy to be exploring the rugged island, hunting birds and learning egg hunting from his father.  He lived on Ugiuvak until 1959 when the King Islanders made the big move to the mainland.  Adjusting to life in Nome was difficult for Joe.  Not only was it different lifestyle, but King Islanders were relegated to the bottom of the social ladder.

Joe and his older brother Wilfred lived with their maternal grandparents Chief John Olaranna and his wife Magdalene Aisenna when their mother was gone for TB treatment. 

In Nome, with Wilfred and cousins, Joe had fun playing ball games, swimming at East End, hunting snipes with a sling shot, and making them into soup in a tin can on a beach fire. 

In his teen years Joe, along with Wilfred, turned to rock-n-roll records and electric guitars, earned through a job with Neighborhood Youth Corps. 

Joe’s favorite musical group was the Beatles.  Joe went to Job Corps in eastern Washington in 1967 and earned his GED there. He returned to Nome to work in the AC Store produce department. He joined the National Guard in the 1970’s. At that time, he met the love of his life Helen Pikonganna with whom he lived until she died by his side in the early 1990’s.  Her death changed his life, and he stopped drinking. 

He was working at Norton Sound Hospital Quyanna Care until he suffered a mild stroke in the mid-90’s.  After recovering, he worked as a dishwasher at Polar Cub and janitor for Nome Community Center until he retired.  Joe had a distinct attire of a Confederate Army cap, leather jacket and cowboy boots.  He had lived in the Augdahl apartments by the Rec Center for about 20 years until he suffered a fatal stroke on March 20, 2020.

He leaves behind eight siblings and their many descendants:  Wilfred Anowlic, Carmelita Nattanguk, Steven Anowlic, Cecil ‘Jackie’ Anowlic, Patricia Imana, Mary Agnes ‘Matmish’ Llanderal, Tony Kunnuk and Louise ‘Lulu’ Kunnuk Johnson.  He is remembered as being a hard-working, kind-hearted brother who loved and cared for his sisters and brothers. 

Joe’s surviving cousins include Joseph Sr, William, and Teresa Kunnuk, and Julie Farley.  On Joe’s father’s side, relatives include Ayek, Tiulana, and Payenna families.

Funeral and burial arrangements are pending due to virus concerns.

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