Guy “Son-Son” Ione Junior

Nov. 22, 1957 ~ June 5, 2018

Guy “Son-Son” Ione, Junior was born on November 22, 1957 to Guy Ione, Senior and Nora Grace Henry in White Mountain, Alaska.  He passed away unexpectedly on June 5, 2018 with family by his side.  Son-Son was raised in Council, Golovin and White Mountain.

When he was younger his Dad, Guy, would take him and his siblings to Elim in April for the spring carnival and visited with Grampa James Murray Sr. When Dad contracted TB he was sent to the hospital to get treatment.  While he was gone Son-Son and his four sisters Rose Ann, Pammy, Linky and Gal-Gal and one brother Beeper stayed in the children’s home here in White Mountain until Dad got better and was able to come back home.

Son-Son achieved his high school diploma while attending Nome Beltz High School.  After high school Son worked as a commercial fisherman in the Golovin fish co-op with his Dad.  He later attended AVTEC in Seward where he earned two certificates, one for electric/generator and one for culinary arts.

Later Son moved to Seattle.  In Seattle he had a girlfriend and they had one son together but after some time he decided to move back to Alaska alone while his family stayed in Seattle.

Son loved White Mountain. He loved fishing, hunting and being with his hunting buddies outdoors. One of his favorite things to do was boating to the coast every spring to climb for utpa eggs and was known as a fearless climber.  Son was never afraid to express himself in the way he’d talk and was never shy to say what was on his mind.  When family from out of town or if strangers came to town he would meet and greet them and make them feel welcome.

Son was a great, hard worker and would always be willing to help babysit his many nieces and nephews; he was known as “Uncle” to all the little ones.  During his life he worked as a commercial fisherman, store worker, custodian, cook, on-call laborer, generator operator, and spent one year as the VPSO in the late 1980s.  He was a Council member for three consecutive terms.

His favorite thing to do was volunteer as the Iditarod checker.  He loved meeting the mushers, checking them in, helping them with their dogs and make sure they were okay.  When he was younger he had his own seven-dog team in Council so he was passionate about mushing dogs.  When he lost his house to a fire earlier this spring he lost the remaining dogs what he got from his Dad.  He was very heartbroken by this and called all the puppies his babies.

Son liked keeping his hands busy and helped teach his nephews about mechanics and parts.  He would also help put fishing line on rods, tie the hooks on the line, and how to gut and cut fish.  He was a very good fisherman and shared what he caught with family and friends.

Guy was a brother, father, uncle and great friend to all.  Guy was preceded in death by his father Guy Senior, his mother Nora, grandfather James Murray Sr., uncle James Murray Jr., sister Kathleen, by his aunt Helen Davison and nephews Jeremy Ione and Beau Brown.  He is survived by his sisters Rose Ann, Pammy, Linky and Gal-Gal, his brother Beeper, and his son in Seattle.  He is also survived by many nieces and nephews that are too many to name.

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