State Fire Marshal performs more inspections in Nome

Deputy Fire Marshal Jillian Roberts inspected the Richard Foster Building at 90 percent completion in December and found the new facility “good to go,” according to Greg Smith, City of Nome building inspector.
While in town, Roberts took another pass at commercial enterprises, hitting places that were not visited during an inspection of 38 businesses and public facilities from Sept. 14 through 28, 2015.
On her visit, Roberts covered an additional 34 sites. Of these, 17 had deficiencies while the remainder passed in order during the Life Safety checkup.
Before the September inspections, state fire inspections had not occurred since 2011, according to Smith.
A color-coded chart provided to Nome Common Council shows that eight of the 17 inspected have fixed mild deficiencies; others are working through more serious infractions on seven and 30-day extensions.
A majority receiving a “Notification of Fire Hazards and an Order to Correct” in September has completed requirements, Smith said, and had cases closed out. However, the following remain open from the September inspection: Airport Pizza, no response; Nome Public Schools, ballard placement around fuel tank has an extension until late spring; Anchor Tavern, owner has requested extension to complete repairs; Mark’s Soap and Suds, owner has completed some inspections and owner has applied for an extension; Polaris Hotel, one outstanding issue—fire alarm system function, Plumb in process of contacting; Nugget Inn and Gold Dust Saloon, no response to state Fire Marshal. Plumb is following up; Polar Arms Apts., some repairs completed, applying for an extension. The Old Pharmacy Building received a report on their sprinkler system that generated nine items for correction. The date for correction, Jan. 9 has passed. Smith has updated Nome Volunteer Fire Chief James West Jr. on the sprinkler system status, he said.
Dredge 7 properties were found to be operating as a hotel, although licensed as a bed and breakfast. According to Smith, a B&B may rent five rooms only, within the owner’s premises; Dredge 7 advertises 16 rooms on a nightly basis in four locations and has submitted no plans for review. Dredge 7 must submit construction documents for review, according to the state Fire Marshal’s office.
“I will continue to work with the Alaska fire marshal’s office to follow up on the inspections and corrections,” Smith said, adding that as usual protocol, he had accompanied the fire marshal representatives on visits to the facilities.

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