Richard Beneville gives Jake Kenick a hug during a celebration of Beneville's contributions to Nome last year at Old St. Joe's.

Richard Beneville

For 30 years he’s been here
A wonder to our town
He started off a pauper
But well deserves a crown
When asking about Dickey
You’ll find some common parts
You’ll hear he’s always working
And rooted in the arts
He guides the unfamiliar
Who come to visit Nome
He’ll teach them our rich history
And make them feel at home
A teacher to the public
No time to shillyshally
When history meets theatrics
You’ll meet Nome River Sally
The students that he mentored
For all the many years
Have blossomed with his guidance
And basked in all the cheers
To know him is a lesson
You’ll learn from clever wit
He sees your true potential
And makes sure you don’t quit
At Christmas time Nome glistened
As we’d migrate in the cold
To see his pageant magic
And leave with hearts of gold
The crafts he taught are plenty
Ballet to speech and plays
His raising of our spirits
Deserves the highest praise
As you close your final act now
Our home was truly blessed
To the many that you’ve mentored
You’ll always be the best
You’re sewn into our fabric
You’ve aged like brilliant wine
You’ve made us all eclectic
And that makes you divine
We toast a man for all the times
From future to ancestral
And bid to you a fond farewell
By saying “Hello Central”


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