NJUS decreases fuel surcharge

At the Nome Joint Utilities board meeting last Tuesday October 24, Chief Operations Officer of NJUS John Handeland announced the fuel surcharge went down from 24 cents to 21 cents.
The NJUS board approved the change to go into effect the week of October 30.
This year the utility purchased 2.5 million gallons of fuel with the weighted average value at $3.48/gallon.
NJUS still has 326,000 gallons of fuel from the prior year purchased at a higher price that was averaged into the cost.

Moonlight Springs Pressurization
Assistant Manager of NJUS Ken Morton said the Moonlight Springs pressurization project was almost complete.
This summer NJUS pressurized the Moonlight Springs water transmission main from the wellfield to the Snake River power plant’s water room. Nome’s drinking water comes from the Moonlight Springs wellfield located along the southwest base of Anvil Mountain. The water was moved through a 3.6-mile-long pipeline into town and stored in a million-gallon water tank adjacent to the water plant at Snake River, from there water was drawn, pressurized, routed through the water distribution network.
The Moonlight Springs pressurization enables lower cost and denser development along the Satellite Field area, Lester Bench area and other areas adjacent to the Moonlight Springs corridor, as mentioned in the NJUS grant application.
Nome-Beltz and Anvil Mountain Correctional Center will benefit by saving money on their water distribution once they connect their water line to Moonlight Springs. Next steps in the project will be connecting those buildings with the Moonlight Springs wellfield pumps. This will take place once funding is available, Morton said.
The application also stated the project will save the community approximately $31,000 yearly in electrical costs because of the use of gravity between the wellfield and water plant. Another benefit to the pressurization is the added resiliency to the Snake River water plant in the event of a system failure.
The $260,000 project was funded by a grant from NSEDC.
President of the NJUS board Carl Emmons said he was impressed with the pressurization project. “It’s a real value to our community, it’s gonna open up so much more good land for development,” Emmons said.


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