Court charges AMCC six on “gang” assaults

Six inmates of Anvil Mountain Correctional Center between the ages of 22 and 34 ganged up on two other inmates Saturday evening around suppertime.
The group of alleged offenders are facing charges on various levels of felony assault charges, according to court documents. The charges bear the charge modifier of “Gang.”
The alleged victims are Leroy and Arthur Kobuk, who share Cell 325. The other inmates are Emmanuel Adams, 32, and Benjamin Ernest Daniels, 34, both of Elim; Lennie Henry Lane, 22, of Kotzebue; Joshua Frederick Bradley Jemewouk, 25; Thomas Asila, 34, and Patrick Loren Ticket, 31.
According to a report filed by investigating Alaska State Trooper W. Thomas III, AMCC staff reported a gang-style assault that occurred on Nov. 30 around 5:30 p.m.
Thomas responded to the prison and watched a video of the incident supplied by staff.
In the video, Thomas saw Lennie Lane and Arthur Kobuk adopting a fighting stance. Arthur Kobuk left the room and took off his shirt, then went downstairs and motioned to someone in another cell.
Kobuk went back upstairs and started pacing. Leroy Kobuk was also upstairs. Daniels, Dakota Segock and Joshua Jemewouk left their cells and started to talk to other inmates on the upper level. Arthur and Leroy Kobuk returned to their cell, while Daniels and Jemewouk took up aggressive stances outside the Cell 325.
Adams and Asila left their cell and moved toward Cell 325. Daniels and Jemewouk also walked toward Cell 325. Ticket went up the stairs and joined the group outside Cell 325. Trooper Thomas in the video saw Lane running up the stairs with a mop handle in hand. Daniels entered Cell 325 followed by Adams, Asila, Jemewouk and Ticket.
Lane approached and, according to Thomas’s view of the video, drew back his mop handle and thrust it spear-like into Cell 325. Lane threw down the mop handle and ran down the stairs. Ticket picked up the handle raised it over his head, and thrust it like a spear into the cell. Daniels, Adams, Asila, Jemewouk and Ticket and Lane are observed “throwing blows and tussling around” in Cell 325 occupied by Leroy and Arthur Kobuk, according to Thomas. AMCC staff then responded and dispersed the assault.
Thomas saw Arthur’s left eye discolored and swollen, and a red mark on the left of Leroy’s head.
Ticket and Lane have been charged on two counts of Assault 2, injury with a weapon with intent, class B felonies; Asila, Adams and Jemewouk face two charges of Assault 3, class C felonies, based on each having two prior convictions on Assault 4. Daniels drew two charges of Assault 4.
All the defendants have other offenses pending or have been convicted on prior offenses.
In a separate case, Ticket notably was convicted on manslaughter, drunk driving and first degree assault in the 2008 death of Roger Gollub and injury of Kotzebue musher Tracey Schaeffer while the two were dog sledding on ice outside in Kotzebue.  Ticket was traveling 60 mph when he slammed his snow machine into Schaeffer’s sled and dog team, then left with a companion. The late Superior Court Judge Ben Esch sentenced Ticket to serve 15 years plus four additional years of suspended time. He would be on probation for eight years after release. In another separate case, Ticket drew a sentence of another eight years with four more years of probation after conviction of sexual abuse of a minor.
The court has set bail for the six defendants in the amounts of $20,000 to $1,000. Release conditions forbid any discussion of the case with co-defendants or the victims.

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